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The JO'K Hits List
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Date Cat No Name: Singles: Festival Records
7/57 FS-1532 Billygoat (You Hit The Wrong Note)
I’m Still Alive (The Chicken Song)*
8/57 SP-45-1562 Am I Blue-Love Letters In The Sand*
11/57 SP-45-1632 Cathedral In The Pines (Richard Gray-Vocal-With Johnny O’Keefe and The Dee Jays)*
3/58   Wild One
4/58 FS-2004 Lawdy Miss Clawdy-Over The Mountain
4/58 FK-3016 Lawdy Miss Clawdy-Over The Mountain
12/58 FK-3037 That’ll Be Alright-So Tough
12/58 FK-3053 Could This Be Magic?-Ain’t A Gonna Do It
2/59 FK-3066 Peek A Boo-What Da Ya Know?
7/59 FK-3081 Why Do They Doubt Our Love?-You
Excite Me
    (* - 78 RPM)
Date Cat No Name: Singles: Lee Gordon
8/59 LS-568 Swanee River-The Steady Game
11/59 LS-575 Shout-What’d I Say
12/59 LS-582 She’s My Baby-Own True Self
  LS-590 When The Saints Go Marching In (Dee Jays With J O’Keefe on uncredited lead vocal
4/60 LS-595 It’s Too Late-Jubilee
7/60 LS-600 Don’t You Know? -Come On And Take My Hand
11/60 LS-607 Ready For You-Save The Last Dance For Me
Date Cat No Name: Singles: Leedon
5/61 LK-49 Swing Low Sweet Chariot-I Believe
8/61 LK-113 I’m Counting On You-Right Now
1/62 LK-184 Sing-To Love
9/62 LK-272 Yes Indeed I Do-Keep A’Walking
11/62 LK-298 I Thank You-Heaven Sent
5/63 LK-378 Move Baby Move-You’ll Never Cherish a Love So True (Until You Lose It)
9/63 LK-454 Shake Baby Shake-Good Luck Charm
11/63 LK-493 Twist It Up-Twist and Shout
3/64 LK-574 She Wears My Ring-Let’s Love Tonight
5/64 LK-636 Shout Parts. 1 & 2 (remake)-Come On And
Take My Hand (remake)
10/64 LK-770 Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Stand - Will You Still
Love Me Tomorrow
2/65 LK-886 Cry Cry Baby-Nobody Loves Me
3/66 LK-1293 The Sun’s Gonna Shine Tomorrow-Mansion Over The Hilltop
6/66 LK-1416 Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw - My Heart Belongs To Only You
9/66 LK-1533 Hey Girl-Don’t Be Cruel
1/67 LK-1653 Ooh Poo Pah Doo Parts 1 & 2 (remake) - Ecstacy
3/67 LK-1716 Where The Action Is-Buzz Buzz Buzz
8/67 LK-1974 Just A Closer Walk With Thee-Why Do They
Doubt Our Love?
8/69 LK-3220 She’s My Baby-She Wears My Ring
Date Cat No Name: Singles: Festival
10/69 FK-3355 Come On And Take My Hand-Right Now
1/70 FK-3493 Confessions Of A Lonely Man- To Love
1/71 FK-4098 I Am Blessed-I’m Counting On You
10/71 FK-4482 (You’ve Got Me) Dangling On A String-
Keep On Smiling
7/72 FK-4774 So Tough (remake)-Holly Holy
11/72 FK-4917 High Rollin’ Man-My Lady By The River
7/73 FK-5177 Soulshake-Mockingbird (with Margaret McLaren)
11/73 K-5392 Rock ‘n’ Roll Music-Mary Lee
8/74 K-5583 Saturday Night-Over And Over
1/75 K-5795 On The Road-Rock ‘n’ Roll Boogie
9/75 K-6114 Full Blooded Natural Man-Taste the Wine
6/76 K-6433 I Thank You-Move Baby Move
10/77 K6921 One Of Those Nights-Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Stand (remake)
10/78 K-7274 High Rollin’ Man-I’m Counting On You
11/81 K-8593 Ready For You-Billygoat (You Hit The Wrong Note)
4/86 K-9999 Sing-Billygoat (You Hit The Wrong Note) 10”
6/86 K-45 Mockingbird-She’s My Baby
  JOK-40 On The Road-Billygoat (You Hit The Wrong Note)
Date Cat No Name: Singles: BRUNSWICK
  9.55067 Real Wild Child (Wild One)-Shake Baby Shake
Date Cat No Name: Singles: LIBERTY (U.S.)
  F.55223 She’s My Baby-Own True Self (Promo)
  F.44228 She’s My Baby-It’s Too Late
  F.55262 Take My Hand-Don’t You Know (Pretty Baby)
Date Cat No Name: Singles: MR. PEACOCK (U.S.)
  MP.111 I’m Counting On You-Steady Game
Date Cat No Name: Singles: CORAL (U.K.)
  QTS.2330 Shake Baby Shake-Real Wild Child
Date Cat No Name: Singles: ZODIAC (U.K.)
  ZR.016 Sing-To Love
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